La playlist BENZINE du lundi #87 : Black Lips, Laure Briard, Pixies, Jeanne Added, Brian Eno…

Pour cette semaine : Black Lips, Laure Briard, Deerhoof, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Lee Paradise, Beckah Amani, Matthew J. Rolin, Pixies, Okay Kaya, Jay-Jay Johanson, Kate Bollinger, Jalen Ngonda, Jeanne Added, NNAMDÏ, Office Culture, Porij, Dry Cleaning, Bibio, Björk, Alex G, Primevère, Koudlam, Brian Eno.

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Tracklist :

Black Lips – No Rave
Laure Briard – My Love Is Right
Deerhoof – My Lovely Cat!
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Ice V
Lee Paradise – Cement
Beckah Amani – Waiting On You
Matthew J. Rolin – Fourth Street
Pixies – Dregs of the Wine
Okay Kaya – Jolene From Her Own Perspective
Jay-Jay Johanson – Labyrinth
Kate Bollinger – Running
Jalen Ngonda – Just Like You Used To
Jeanne Added – Au Revoir
NNAMDÏ – Dedication
Office Culture – Little Reminders
Porij – Outlines
Dry Cleaning – Gary Ashby
Bibio – Off Goes The Light
Björk – Atopos
Alex G – Miracles
Primevère – Neurasthénique
Koudlam – Old Feeling
Brian Eno – We Let It In