Les sorties d’albums pop, rock, jazz, soul, ambient du 1er septembre 2023

Pour cette semaine : Slowdive, P.G. Six, Nicolas Paugam , Mick Harvey, Puma Blue, The Paper Kites, Laudanum, Pale Blue Eyes, Lathe of Heaven, Kyle Eastwood, Blind Boys of Alabama, Frankie and the Witch Fingers…

Slowdive – Everything is Alive (cover album)

Indie-Pop, Electro-pop, Pop, Country, Folk, Chanson

SlowdiveEverything is Alive
P.G. Six – Murmurs & Whispers
Nicolas Paugam – La délicatesse
Routine Death – Comrade
Mick Harvey & Amanda Acevedo – Phantasmagoria in Blue
AdélysToutes les fenêtres et les ruisseaux
LaudanumAs black as my heart
Maija Sofia – True Love
Puma BlueHoly Waters
Pale Blue EyesThis House
Joel StokerThe Undertow
The Paper Kites – At the Roadhouse

Rock, Punk, Blues, Garage, Post-rock…

Lathe of Heaven – Bound by Naked Skies
Frankie and the Witch Fingers – Data Doom

Jazz, World, Funk, Soul, Groove…

Blind Boys of Alabama  Echoes of the South
Paul Hillery presents We Are The Children of the Setting Sun
Francois Lapeyssonnie – KARST
Matthew Halsall – An Ever Changing View
Kyle Eastwood – Eastwood Symphonic
Jim Campilongo & Steve CardenasNew Year
Baptiste Trotignon, Greg Hutchinson, Matt PenmannBrexit Music
Will Bernard and Beth CusterSky
Menagerie – The Shories of Infinitiy
Tonique & Man – Opening Soon

Rap, Hip-hop, R’n’B…

Illa JNo Traffic
Ama LouI Came Home Late

Ambient, Modern classical, electronica, minimal, techno experimental…

Tomáš Knoflíček – Serendipity
Voyage FuturInner Sphere Outtakes
Robin Saville / The Leaf LibrarySiphonophore / Versatile Clouds
Shine GroovesWatching The Breeze
KompaktTotal 23
Origin STGenerations
OberlinMy Ivory Age
TyrestaSmall Hours