La playlist BENZINE du lundi #144 : Grandaddy, J Mascis, Laetitia Sadier, The Lemonheads…

25 titres pour ce lundi : Grandaddy, J Mascis, Laetitia Sadier, The Lemonheads, The Smile, Cykada, Jane Weaver, Johnny Montreuil, Konstantin Schimanowski, Bound By Endogamy, Lawns, Rubber Tea, Mary Timony, Coeur Joie, Chastity Belt, Helado Negro, Nouvelle Vague…

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Tracklist :

Grandaddy – Watercooler
J Mascis – Can’t Believe We’re Here
Laetitia Sadier – Une Autre Attente
The Lemonheads – Fear of Living
The Smile – Wall Of Eyes
Cykada – The Cracks in the Bricks
Jane Weaver – Love in Constant Spectacle
Johnny Montreuil – Ses amours
Konstantin Schimanowski – Winds
Bound By Endogamy – Lune
Lawns – Bottled Up
Rubber Tea – Fading Forest
Mary Timony – Dominoes
Coeur Joie – L’Île du diable
Chastity Belt – Hollow
Helado Negro – I Just Want To Wake Up With You
Nouvelle Vague – Only You
KCIDY – Je pense à toi
gglum – Easy Fun
DJ Harrison – Lil Birdie
Bella Brown & the Jealous Lovers – Soul Clap – Radio Edit
Liam Bailey – Dance With Me
Bruno Berle – Tirolirole
Ghost Marrow – Might of the Small
Molly Lewis – Lounge Lizard