Agenda des sorties d’albums 2021 (de septembre à décembre)

Voici l’agenda des sorties d’albums en repérage sur BENZINE pour la 2e partie de l’année 2021, avec mise à jour hebdomadaire pour ne rien manquer des nouveautés.

3 décembre 2021

Various Artists Jazz is DeadRemixes JID010

26 novembre 2021

Richard Dawson & CircleHenki
Lowland Brothers – Lowland Brothers

19 novembre 2021

William Ryan FritchBuilt Upon a Fearful Void
John ThayerSupermundane
Aufgang – Broad Ways
Nicolas Paugame – Padre Padrone
Benjamin Lazar Davis – Benjamin Lazar Davis
Traffik IslandA Shrug of The Shoulders

12 novembre 2021

Highway Butterfly The Songs Of Neal Casal
Cedric Noel
Hang Time
Cheval FouCouteau Calme
IDLES – Crawler
John HopkinsMusic For Psychedelic Therapy
L’Eclair – Confusion
Sally Anne MorganCups
Endless Boogie Admonitions
Portico QuartetMonument
Lionlimb Spiral Groove
Andy Aquarius – Chapel

5  novembre 2021

Lora & The Stalkers No Desire Control
Connan Mockasin
Jassbusters Two
hana vu
Public Storage
Penelope IslesWhich Way To Happy
JJJJJerome EllisThe Clearing
Nick Wheeldon & FriendsCommunication Problems
Electric Eyehorizons
Marta Del GrandiUntil We Fossilize
Natalia M. KingWoman Of My Own Kind
Adrien Legrand – Bel-Vu
Nick Wheeldon – Communication Problems
Curtis HardingIf Words Were Flowers
The Grease TrapsSolid Ground
Ben ChasnyThe Intimate Landscape
Marconi UnionSignals
AM Higgins Hymning
Parcels Day/Night
Hard Feelings – Hard Feelings
The Superhighway BandStudio City

29 octobre 2021

Dear LaikaPluperfect Mind
Natalie Jane HillSolely
Sam EvianTime To Melt
Marissa NadlerThe Path of the Clouds
Mary LattimoreCollected Pieces II: 2015​-​2020
KUUNATICGate of Klüna
Julien Ribot – Do you feel 9 ?
Marconi UnionSignals
Robin HatchT​.​O​.​N​.​T​.​O.
Lunar Vacation Inside Every Fig is a Dead Wasp
Strawberry Guy – Sun Outside My Window

22 octobre 2021

Parquet CourtsSympathy For Life
Astrid Sonne16 Rayos
Black MarbleFast Idol
Circuit des Yeuxio
Jackson+SellersBreaking Point
DeerhoofActually, You Can
Abby HustonAH HA
Helado NegroFar In
La LuzLa Luz
ClinicFantasy Island
Xeno & OaklanderVi/deo
DummyMandatory Enjoyement
Ross From FriendsTread
NimbudalaUniversal Compassion
Golden BrownGems and Minerals
ChannelersAnother Entrance
Hand Habitsfun House
Abby HustonAH HA
The Sore LosersUltra Elektric
Carwyn Ellis & Rio 18Yn Rio
Jessica PavoneLull
Pretty InsideGrow Up
Coast To CoastCoast To Coast (réédition 1976)
Various Artists AOTHFor The Love Of You, Vol. 2

15 octobre 2017

Le RenLeftovers
Sir WasLet The Morning Come
John CarpenterHalloween Kills OST
aquasergeThe Possibility Of A New Work For Aquaserge
Bantam LyonsMardell
Glenn EchoFixed Memory
Le RenLeftovers
Weak SignalBianca
Marc MeliàVEUS
Pokey LaFargeIn The Blossom Of Their Shade
Marc MeliàVeus
Cartridge 1987Passage
Choses SauvagesChoses Sauvages
​Flora Cash – Our Generation
Rodolphe Lauretta – Kreolia
Bunny & The Invalid Singers – Flight Of The Certainty Kids
SineRiderA Familiar Light

8 octobre 2021

Jerusalem In My Heart Qalaq
Kevin Morby
A Night At The Little Los Angeles (Sundowner 4​-​Track Demos)
MF RobotsBreak The Wall
Karen Perisa song is way above the lawn
Shannon LayGeist
LALA LALAI Want The Door To Open
FAUST 1971-1974 – 50 years of Faust Ltd.
Julia Shapiro – Zorked
Flora Cash – Our Generation
Guilty Simpson & Gensu DeanEGO
Stray TheoriesThis Light
PorchesAll Day Gentle Hold !

1 octobre 2021

Ducks Ltd.Modern Fiction
boy scoutsWayfinder
Ryo FukuiMy Favorite Tune
Desert LiminalGlass Fate
Mike EttenLove Wash
Catherine GraindorgeEldorado
Ott / Levy / GabryTheodore Wild Ride
Pond – 9
Ben BertrandDokkaebi
Geir SundstølSt​.​hanshaugen Steel
Brett Naucke with Natalie Chami & Whitney JohnsonMirror Ensemble
Luis Francesco ArenaA Cool Breeze

24 septembre 2021

Astrid Sonneoutside of your lifetime
awakened souls & From OverseasKeep The Orange Sun
Sufjan Stevens & Angelo De AugustineA Beginner’s Mind
CYRKEscaping Earth
Holy HiveHoly Hive
Brigid Mae PowerBurning Your Light
The Rugged NuggetsOdds & End
Caleb Landry JonesGadzooks Vol. 1
Ulrich Schnauss & Mark PetersDestiny Waiving
Nikitch – Chromatism
Future MuseumsHarpoon of Sunlight
The Cookers – Look Out!
ADA LEAone hand on the steering wheel the other sewing a garden
Nina SavaryNext Level Soap Opera
Mac McCaughanThe Sound of Yourself
Devin HoffVoices From the Empty Moor (Songs of Anne Briggs)
Albin de la Simone – happy end
Native Soul – Teenage Dreams
Jesse MalinSad And Beautiful World
Spencer Cullum’s Coin CollectionSpencer Cullum’s Coin Collection
The Lovecraft SextetIn Memoriam
Silvain Vanot Pierre-Yves Macésplit lp
Public Service Broadcasting Bright Magic
RazenBlue Rot

17 septembre 2021

Will GuthriePeople Pleaser Pt.II
Stranded HorseGrand Rodeo
MonoPilgrimage of the Soul
Mild High ClubGoing Going Gone
Meridian Brothers / Conjunto Media LunaPaz En La Tierra
Smoke BellowOpen For Business
Breathe PanelLets It In
No Thee No EssDimmer Switch
José GonzálezLocal Valley
Erroll Garner – Centennial Celebration
UmanChaleur Humaine
Alicia WalterI Am Alicia
KinkajousBeing Waves
Lizzie LovelessYou Don’t Know
Emily LoizeauIcare
Dragon rapide – Mumbo jumbo
Driving Slow MotionAdrift​:​Abyss
Buffalo Daughter – We Are The Times
Frank Rabeyrolles – A Ghost by the sea
Henning SchmiedtPiano Diary
Legraux TobrogoïPantagruel Résolu
Tommaso RolandoMusic for a different room
Pepper WhiteThe Lonely Tunes Of
Boost 3000Quel album
Stacey Kent Songs From Other Places

10 septembre 2021

Matthew E. WhiteK Bay
Monsieur DoumaniPissourin
LowHey What
The Bevis FrondLittle Eden
Sarah DavichiAntiphonals
GallowglasI dream I see you hit the water, I dream I see you change your mind
Amyl and the SniffersComfort To Me
Allison LorenzenTender
HomeshakeUnder The Weather
Glenn Fallows & Mark TreffelThe Globeflower Masters Vol​.​1
Pat Metheny – Side-Eye NYC
Gaspar ClausTancade
Rien VirguleLa consolation des violettes
Don NinoA Beautiful Cloud
—__–___ – The Heart Pumps Kool-Aid
Colleen GreenCool
Jolly MareEpsilon
Sam Forrest – Aeroplane Days
The Great Destroyer The Great Destroyer
Pokey LaFargeIn The Blossom Of Their Shade
Spencer.Are U Down?

3 septembre 2021

Fuck DeadFuck Dead
Nico HedleyPainterly
Motoko & MyersColocate
BotanyPortal Orphanage
Julian StetterSky Without Colours
Pearl & The OystersFlowerland
H-BURNS & The Stranger QuartetBurns On The Wire
ESINAMShapes In Twilight of Infinity
Baptiste W. Hamon & Barbagallo – BARBAGHAMON
Nala SinephroSpace 1.8
Yan WagnerCouleur chaos
Yan Hart-LemonnierConfortable au bord du vide
SUUNSThe Witness

27 aout 2021

Baba AliMemory Device
Big Red MachineHow Long Do You Think It’s Gonna Last?
Reuben Vaun Smith – Sounds From The Workshop
ILUITEQThe Loss Of Wilderness
KieferWhen There’s Love Around
Makoto Kubota & The Sunset GangHawaii Champroo / Dixie Fever   (rééditions)
Bruno BavotaFor Apartments: Songs & Loops
Nils Petter Molvær – Stitches
Mirabai Ceiba – The Quiet Hour
Steve GunnOther You