BENZINE_mix004 – avril 2014


Chaque mois, une heure de musique pop, electro »proposée par Roland Torres

BENZINE_mix004 – avril 2014 by Benzinemag.Net on Mixcloud

Tracklisting :
Black Swan – Prophecy (Self Released)
à˜ (Mika Vainio) – Neutronit (Sahko Recordings)
IIIII (Five Eyes) – Sorry About That (Mooncircle Project)
Moodymann – Radio (KDJ)
UKU – Intension (Eklektik)
Chevel – Cave Dwellings (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
Big Spider.’s Back – Crepuscular Clouds (Hush House)
Douglas Greed – Excell (Bpitch Control)
Rheostat – Kalzone (Quanticman)
The Range – Tricky Pose (Donky Pitch)
Addison Groove – Bad Seed (50 Weapons)
DyE – Night In The Science Zone (Tigersushi)
Dj Rashad, MoonDoctoR & FreshillDef – 1 AM (DJ Earl Remix) (Freshmoon)
Gillepsy Webmoney – Webguns & Webpussy (Hyperboloid)
Graeme S & DJ Earl – Autofac (DJ Earl Remix) (Hsüan Records)
Kangding Ray – Transitional Ballistics (Raster-Noton)
Container – Glaze (Liberation Technologies)
Perc – Take Your Body Off (Perc Trax)
Xiu Xiu – Lawrence Liquors (Polyvinyl Records)
Domotic – Theme From Le Démon Des Hautes Plaines (Clapping Music)