La playlist BENZINE du lundi #21: John Grant, Jungle, KCIDY, Max Jury, Rouquine…

Cette semaine 25 titres très printaniers signés John Grant, Nicholas Krgovich, Jungle, Evolfo, Loretta Querceto, Mischa Blanos, KCIDY, Los Retros, Tristan Kasten-Krause, Max Jury, Matt Sweeney, Pollena, Anthony Joseph, THe LYONZ, Moderate Rebels, Queen Of The Meadow, Rouquine, The Steoples, Hooveriii, Ponta Preta, Wynonna, Stimming, Mirza Ramic, Neumatic Parlo, Parra for Cuva.

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Tracklist :

John Grant – Boy from Michigan – Edit
Nicholas Krgovich – Plants
Jungle – Keep Moving
Evolfo – Strange Lights
Loretta Querceto – Eternal Sun
Mischa Blanos – Silicon Road
KCIDY – Souterrains
Los Retros – It’s Got To Be You
Tristan Kasten-Krause – From Thin Air
Max Jury – The Desperate Kingdom of Love
Matt Sweeney – My Blue Suit
Pollena – Glitter
Anthony Joseph – Calling England Home
THe LYONZ – Push That Way
Moderate Rebels – Higher Than The Hierarchy
Queen Of The Meadow – La louve
Rouquine – Mortel
The Steoples – Alas Alice
Hooveriii – Erasure
Ponta Preta – You & I
Wynonna – Everything I Wanted
Stimming – Judith Maria
Mirza Ramic – Letting Go
Neumatic Parlo – Real Insight
Parra for Cuva – Dream Reverb