Agenda des sorties d’albums 2021 (de janvier à juillet)

Voici l’agenda des sorties d’albums de nos labels et groupes préférés pour l’année 2021, avec mise à jour quotidienne ou presque. Bonnes écoutes !

19 juillet 2021

Frédéric D. OberlandMême Soleil

9 juillet 2021

Bryan AwayCanyons to Sawdust –> CHRONIQUE
The Goon Sax – Mirror II
Wil BoltonAbove the Neon Glow

2 juillet 2021

Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel DuchampWe’re OK. But We’re Lost Anyway

25 juin 2021

John GrantBoy from Michigan
Hiss Golden MessengerQuietly Blowing It
Lucy DacusHome Video
The MurlocsBittersweet Demons
Arthur SatanSo far so good -> CHRONIQUE
Tomasz Sroczynski – Symphony n°2 / Highlander
Koen De BruyneIn Kluis (A Special Radio ~ TV Record – N°20)
Marc Ribot’s Ceramic DogHope
Russell PotterNeither Here Nor There (réédition 1981)
Rose City Band – Earth Trip
LiilaSoundness Of Mind
Golden Hallway MusicRules & Chance Vol. 2
Coconut dealersCoconut dealers
Passepartout DuoDaylighting

18 juin 2021

Mountain Movers – World What World
Site Out Of Mind
James Bernard
Unreleased Works 1994​-​1999 (Volumes 1 & 2)
Cola BoyProsthetic Boombox
Francis Lung – Miracle
The Green KingdomEmpyrean
Federico DurandHerbario

Hania RaniMusic for Film and Theatre
Artificial InstinctExit Ghost II
Blank Gloss – Melt
We Hate You Please Die – Can’t Wait To Be Fine  -> CHRONIQUE

11 juin 2021

Mirabai CeibaThe Quiet Hour
Les Agamemnonz Amateurs  –> CHRONIQUE
Bertrand Burgalat – Rêve capital
Richard Greenan – Rehearsing Heat
Ramona Córdova – Naïve
Danny ElfmanBig Mess
Wolf AliceBlue Weekend  –> CHRONIQUE
Social Haul Social Haul
JARRAn Echo In Her Skin

4 juin 2021

Mndsgn. Rare Pleasure
Aquatic Flowers
MisophoneAnd so sinks the sun on a burning sea
Flamingo PierFlamingo Pier
Marina AllenCandlepower
Raheem DeVaughn & Apollo BrownLovesick
Tuner CodyFriends in High Places
Miriam MakebaKeep Me in Mind (Remastered)
Wolf Alice – Blue Weekend
Intelligent LifeLost In Translation
Queen of the MeadowSurvival Of The Unfittest
Olivier Longre – Amore Disamore

28 mai 2021

Portico QuartetTerrain
Lou BarlowReason to Live
Thee More ShallowsDad Jams
Stijn Hüwels + Tomoyoshi Date遠き火、遠き雲’ ​(​A Distant Fire​,​ A Distant Cloud)
Paul Jarret – Ghost Songs
Raoul Vignal – Years in Marble
KonstructThree (squared)
Chrystal FürElusion

21 mai 2021

Lambchop – Showtunes
Gruff Rhys
Seeking New Gods
Nicholas Krgovich 
This Spring
Johnny Mafia
– Sentimental
Mischa BlanosCity Jungle
The Tunnel and the Clearing
Mdou MoctarAfrique Victime
Pastoral DivisionLes Choses
Allison RussellOutside Child
Gina étéErased By Thought
The BullseyesThe Best of The Bullseyes
Sunny JainPhoenix Rise
Holiday GhostsNorth Street Air
Ducks Ltd.Get Bleak

14 mai 2021

Barbagallo Les Grands Brûlés
Sarah Neufeld
Sara Bug
Sara Bug
Carl Smith And The Natural Gas Company – Burnin’
The Chills
St. Vincent
Daddy’s Home
Fontaine WallaceLe Projet
rootlessplaces remember us
Banda MajeUFO Bar
Kira Skov – Spirit Tree
Unwed SailorTruth Or Consequences
James RushfordLake From The Louvers

7 mai 2021

The Howard Hughes Suite – Smoke from a Future Fire
NCY Milky Band
Maya DunietzFree the Dolphin
Nous Alpha A Walk in the Woods
Carlos Niño & Friends
More Energy Fields, Current
Iceage – Seek Shelter
John MoodsSo Sweet So Nice
Quiet Noise Story Machine
Blush To The SnowNightfall / The Golden Hour
Carter Tanton
Carter Tanton
Last Days Of AprilEven The Good Days Are Bad
Green-HouseMusic for Living Spaces
Simon DobsonMDCNL
Aura GazeSky Mind
Merce LemonMoonth

30 avril 2021

Juan Wauters Real Life Situations
Joseph Shabason
The Fellowship
Ya Tseen
Indian Yard
Surrounding Structures
Teenage Fanclub –
Endless Arcade
Troth Small Movements In Radiance
Unknown Me
Maxwell Farrington & Le SuperHomardOnce
Crumb – Ice Melt
BBE V/A Exit Music: Songs With Radio Heads
Masahiro Takahashi
Flowering Tree, Distant Moon
Innov GnawaLila
Don Melody ClubPure Donzin
Ben SeretanCicada Waves
Paper Beat ScissorsLa Mitad
DictaphoneGoats & Distortions 5
Acid TwilightAcid Twilight
The Very Big Experimental Toubifri OrchestraDieu Poulet
Don Melody ClubPure Donzin
Wollny – Parisien – Lefebvre – LillingerXXXX
Matt Sweeney & Bonnie ‘Prince’ BillySuperwolves
Fabrizio PaterliniLifeBlood
Border Menace – Inland Ocean
DAWNSecond Line

23 avril 2021

Gimmik Cloudwalker
Ian Nyquist
Birthday Ass
Head of the Household
Eydis Evensen Bylur
Alfa Mist
Bring Backs
Alan VegaMutator
Secret of ElementsChronos
E.R. JurkenI Stand Corrected
Alfredito Linares vol. 2: The Colombia Years
Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas MunkEight Fragments Of An Illusion
Thibault Cauvin – Films
The Green Flamingos – In The Witching Hour
Field MusicFlat White Moon
ComitAn Ocean Of Thoughts
Pool Of LightModern Caveman
PM WarsonTrue Story

16 avril 2021

Zoo Baby – Zoo Baby
Rouge – Derrière Les Paupières
Ponta Preta !Tits Up
L’envoûtante Espoir Féroce
Nikolaienko Rings
Ryan J Raffa – We Have Always Existed
Bill MacKay and Nathan Bowles
Sharon Van Etten
epic Ten
Sounds Of New SomaTrip
Cory HansonPale Horse Rider –> CHRONIQUE
Benjamin BelinskaLost Illusions
Enzo Carniel & Filippo VignatoAria

9 avril 2021

tomemitsu Sun
Elephant Micah
Vague Tidings
Beseech Me
Caoilfhionn Rose
Christine Ott
Time to Die
Mt Went –
Sheltering Sky / Lit Way Down
Whatitdo Archive Group
The Black Stone Affair
Philippe SardeCésar et Rosalie BO (réédition, 1972)
Claire Rousaya softer focus
Grand SoleilHuman error
Mt WenLit Way Down
Benny SingsMusic –> CHRONIQUE
Female SpeciesTale Of My Lost Love
Lisel + Booker StardrumMycelial Echo

2 avril 2021

Flock of Dimes Head of Roses
Ryley Walker
Course in Fable –> CHRONIQUE
Luca Yupanqui
Sounds of the Unborn
Massimo Discepoli
Last year, the next day
LandtitlesYour Voice In Pieces
Joseph Schiano di Lombo – Musique de Niche  –> CHRONIQUE
Tangled ShoelacesTurn My Dial, The M Squared Recordings and more, 1981​-​84
Hey, King! Hey, King!
La FemmeParadygmes –> CHRONIQUE
Kaidi TathamAn Insight To All Minds
Nathan RocheDrink up, Rainforest Sinatra

26 mars 2021

Loney Dear A Lantern and a Bell –> CHRONIQUE
Alexandre Bazin –
Concorde  –> CHRONIQUE
Andrew TasselmyerYesteryear
DntelThe Seas Trees See
Minor Moon
Renée Reed
Renée Reed –> CHRONIQUE
Special FriendEnnemi commun –> CHRONIQUE
Writhing Squares
Chart For The Solution
Departure Street
Every Color in the Sky
Clever Girls
El Michels Affair
Yeti Season
Esther Rose
How Many Times
Max Heart
Dodie – Build A Problem
CivicFuture Forecast
HalftribeLucent Forms Travelling
Intimate Immensity –> CHRONIQUE
Akira Kosemura
88 Keys
The Peacers
Bleexed Rec
The Antlers
Green To Gold –> CHRONIQUE
Bertrand Betsch – Orange Bleue Amère
Moss Covered TechnologySeafields

19 mars 2021

Bell Orchestre House Music –> CHRONIQUE
OtzekiNos Is A Long Time
New BumsLast Time I Saw Grace
Chad VanGaalenWorld’s Most Stressed Out Gardener
Michael Feuerstack
Harmonize the Moon
Stéphane Blok
Poèmes de la veille
Monster Jazz
– Younolovebunny
– Memento Mori  –> CHRONIQUE
Dialect –
Under ~ Between
Mint Julep –
In A Deep And Dreamless Sleep
Deniz Cuylan
No Such Thing As Free Will
Dubharp Spiral Heights
Michael Beach –
Dream Violence
Organi Parlez​-​vous Français?
Sébastien Guérive – Omega Point
Bertrand Betsch
– Demande à la poussière
Pure Carrière – Eterna 83
Boris Acket Home
Creation Never Sleeps, Creation Never Dies: The Willie Dunn Anthology

12 mars 2021

Teeth Agency – You Don’t Have To Live In Pain
Myles Sanko
– Memories Of Love –> CHRONIQUE
Gaz NewtonLoveheroin
Underground Youth
The Falling
Landon Caldwell
Deep Strand
Cool Ghouls –
At George’s Zoo –> CHRONIQUE
DJ Muggs the Black Goat
Dies Occidendum
Evolutionary Cycles
Cameron Knowler & Eli Winter – Anticipation

5 mars 2021

Jane WeaverFlock
Endlings Human Form
Groupe RTD
– The Dancing Devils Of Djibouti
Born Bad RecordsWIZZZ French Psychorama 1966​/​1974 VOLUME 4
Ostinato Records – Super Somali Sounds From The Gulf Of Tadjoura
One Million EyesBrama
Earworm –> CHRONIQUE
Adult Mom
Rachika Nayar
Our Hands Against The Dusk
Sabbat Matters
Rutger Hoedemaekers –
The Age Of Oddities
Fruit Bats
The Pet Parade –> CHRONIQUE
Irwin Gomez
Alegria –> CHRONIQUE
Love Here Listen
La Ola Interior:
Spanish Ambient & Acid Exoticism 1983-1990
On Hold
Arab Strap
As days get dark –> CHRONIQUE
William Ryan Fritch
Michael Feuerstack –
Harmonize the Moon

26 février 2021

Benjamin Finger – Auditory Colors
The Exciting Sounds Of Menahan Street Band – The Exciting Sounds of…
Luca Nieri
Etrurian Shades
Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains
Banane Bleue  
Black Nash –
Black Nash
Mathieu Boogaerts
– (en Anglais)  –> CHRONIQUE
The Melvins –
Working with Gods –> CHRONIQUE
DMX Krew
Loose Gears
Life Is Not A Lesson
George Sauma Jr.
George Sauma Jr.
Arman Méliès
– Laurel Canyon
Alban Claudin – It’s a Long Way to Happiness
Darjeeling – MAGUNA
Plankton Wat
Future Times
A Winged Victory for the Sullen –
Invisible Cities
Vapour Theories
Celestial Scuzz
Menahan Street Band
The Exciting Sounds of Menahan Street Band
Altin Gün –
Fabio Viscogliosi
Mouse On Mars
Kumi Takahara See​-​through
Ian Hawgood & Stijn Hüwels Voices
Blanck Mass
In Ferneaux
Cheval Sombre Time Waits for No One
Byard Lancaster – My Pure Joy
Cloud Nothings
The Shadow I Remember
Adrian YoungeThe American Negro  –> CHRONIQUE
Ashan –
Sacred Spring
John Tejada
Year Of The Living Dead
Sam Gendel – Fresh Bread
MeropeSalos –> CHRONIQUE
Sébastien RadiguetLentomania –> CHRONIQUE
CofaxxShell Collector 
King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardL​.​W.  –> CHRONIQUE

19 février 2021

TindersticksDistractions –> CHRONIQUE
Mt. Mountain
Hoorsees –> CHRONIQUE
Bambi Kramer
Tape 1
Mansfield.TYA –
Monument Ordinaire  –> CHRONIQUE
As The Love Continues –> CHRONIQUE
Brook Line
Cassandra Jenkins
– An Overview On Phenomenal Nature
Omar Khorshid
With Love
Lael Neale
Acquainted With Night –> CHRONIQUE
Katy Kirby
Cool Dry Place
Indigo Sparke
The Lasso
Iguana Moonlight
Xixa –
Genesis –> CHRONIQUE
Dravier –
Earth Mirage
Filthy Huns –
Cursed At Birth
Puce Moment
Psymon Spine –
Charismatic Megafauna –> CHRONIQUE
Aria Rostami and Daniel Blomquist
Pauline Anna Strom – Angel Tears in Sunlight
The Hold Steady
Open Door Policy
Aukai –
Ryan Dugré
Three Rivers –> CHRONIQUE

12 février 2021

Django DjangoGlowing In The Dark  –> CHRONIQUE
Andrew Tuttle & Padang Food Tigers A Cassowary Apart –> CHRONIQUE
Heligoland This Quiet Fire –> CHRONIQUE
Mark Feldman
Sounding Point
Christian Löffler
– Parallel Shellac Reworks
Quiet Marauder – Will i Remember To Remember?
Chuck Johnson
The Cinder Grove  –> CHRONIQUE
Dominique Fils-Aimé
Three Little Words –> CHRONIQUE
Da Capo
– Paradise
Emile Mosseri – Minari OST
Virginia Wing
private LIFE
Clap Your Hands Say YeahNew Fragility –> CHRONIQUE
Seigo Aoyama On The Drift
A.A. Williams
Songs From Isolation

5 février 2021

Voilaaa Voiciii –> CHRONIQUE
Mountain Mountain
– Aerial
– La peau des arbres –> CHRONIQUE
Black Country, New Road
For the first time –> CHRONIQUE
Brisa Roché & Frédéric Fortuny
– Freeze Where U R –> CHRONIQUE
Byron Westbrook –
Distortion Hue
Andrew Tasselmyer
TV Priest
The Telescopes
Songs Of Love And Revolution
Music On Hold
30 minutes of… –> CHRONIQUE
Jacob David –
Satellite Jockey –
Le Week​-​end  –> CHRONIQUE
Sturle Dagsland
Sturle Dagsland
Nick Schofield
Glass Gallery –> CHRONIQUE
Une hallucination française
Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings – Just Dropped in
Meril Wubslin – Alors Quoi
– Lumen
DYNAM’HIT Europop Version française – 1990​/​1995
The Weather Station –
Guy Blakeslee
– Postcards From The Edge
Puma Blue
– In Praise Of Shadows
Archie Shepp & Jason Moran – Let My People Go
Yeahman Ostriconi
Philippe Cohen Solal & Mike Lindsay
Outsider –> CHRONIQUE
Adrian Lane – Slow Autumn At My Window
John CarpenterLost Themes III : Alive After Death –> CHRONIQUE
Bacchantes – Bacchantes
David Fenech & Klimperei
Rainbow de Nuit

29 janvier 2021

Goat Girl – On All Fours –> CHRONIQUE
Arlo Parks –
Collapsed in Sunbeams –> CHRONIQUE
The Besnard Lakes –
…Are The Last of the Great Thunderstorm Warnings
Laurent Rochelle Prima Kanta
– 7 Variations sur le TAO
Celeste – Not Your Muse –> CHRONIQUE
i, the bastard
Marcos Resende & Index
– Marcos Resende & Index –> CHRONIQUE
Moods and Dances 2021
Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio
I Told You So –> CHRONIQUE
Nahawa Doumbia
The Notwist –
Vertigo Days –> CHRONIQUE
Rew –
Garden of Astral Blooms
The body
I’ve Seen All I Need To See
Tamar AphekAll Bets Are Off  –> CHRONIQUE
Warmth – The Darkest Place
Anna B Savage
A Common Turn
Illuvia Iridescence Of Clouds
Sweatson Klank –
Path of an Empath
Rats On Rafts –
Excerpts From Chapter 3: The Mind Runs A Net Of Rabbit Paths –> CHRONIQUE
Free Dust Woo’d Early
Neuro… No Neuro
Object Models
William Stuckey
Love Of Mine (réédition 1979) –> CHRONIQUE

22 janvier 2021

Bicep – Isles –-> CHRONIQUE
Barton Hartshorn
– Not What I Expected to Hope For –-> CHRONIQUE
– Providence –-> CHRONIQUE
Tony Paeleman
– The Fuse
James Yorkston and The Second Hand Orchestra
The Wide, Wide River –-> CHRONIQUE
Hamburg Spinners –
Skorpion Im Stiefel
Elori Saxl
The Blue of Distance
Still Corners – The Last Exit
Sol Hess
The Missing View
Kiwi jrCooler Returns –-> CHRONIQUE
Yu SuYellow River Blue
Antoine Loyer et Mégalodons malades + Bégayer
Sauce chien et la guitare au poireau
Tobias Karlehag Process
vlady miss – ViE

15 janvier 2021

shame – Drunk Tank Pink  –-> CHRONIQUE
Stéphane Edouard
– Pondicergy Airlines
Soft Bonds
Jaromil Sabor
The Sun Inside –> CHRONIQUE
Sleaford Mods
– Spare Ribs  –> CHRONIQUE
Vestale vestale & Ray Bornéo
Petite Apocalypse
Yasmin Williams – Urban Driftwood –> CHRONIQUE
Wil Bolton –
Cumulus Sketches
– Monde sensible -> CHRONIQUE
Pink Cigs
Pink Cigs
Losange –
Lester Wiggin
Holy Underwear
Nicolas Repac
Rhapsodic –-> CHRONIQUE
Emmanuelle Parrenin / Detlef Weinrich
Jours De Grève
Conny Frischauf
Die Drift
Path of the Sun Path of the Sun
Buck Meek
Two Saviors -> CHRONIQUE
Apifera – Overstand -> CHRONIQUE
City Of Exiles
City Of Exiles
Joachim Spieth
Virginia Wing
private LIFE

8 janvier 2021

Silas J. Dirge The Poor Devil
Les clopes
– Deu
Hilang Child
Every Mover